Kirsty. 22. Hertfordshire. Taken.
I don't bite, come and chat!
I read a lot, my favourie author is John Green.

I like art and beautiful things. I like body modifications and the human body. I like landscapes and words. I like lights and music. Basically if I like it I'm going to post it - I don't really have a theme :)

I'm always here for people who need to talk about anything, and I'll always try and give the best advice I can. :)

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Do u think she chewed my shoes? I think that’s one guilty puppy tbh

Church of Coffins by Niki Feijen
The face of some one who’s done too much running round today!

For this night and all the nights to come.
"I think I still have rain somewhere in my heart."
Kelwyn Sole (via splitterherzen)

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