Kirsty. 22. Hertfordshire. Taken.
I don't bite, come and chat!
I read a lot, my favourie author is John Green.

I like art and beautiful things. I like body modifications and the human body. I like landscapes and words. I like lights and music. Basically if I like it I'm going to post it - I don't really have a theme :)

I'm always here for people who need to talk about anything, and I'll always try and give the best advice I can. :)

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Yesterday I had to go to the dentist for a couple of fillings but cause I’m so scared I had to be sedated heavily and now the side of my mouth that he didn’t work on (but said i will need work on eventually) is so so tender I can hardly touch it. :/ annoying thing is idk why cause I don’t remember anything after them injecting me with the shit to sedate me.

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