Kirsty. 22. Hertfordshire. Taken.
I don't bite, come and chat!
I read a lot, my favourie author is John Green.

I like art and beautiful things. I like body modifications and the human body. I like landscapes and words. I like lights and music. Basically if I like it I'm going to post it - I don't really have a theme :)

I'm always here for people who need to talk about anything, and I'll always try and give the best advice I can. :)

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Paulo Victor Skaz
Anonymous: I dream of you on your knees with your tongue out.. a thought I use every so often

I don’t see why I’d want to know that, my life was complete without that information.

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Anonymous: can you deep throat?

Not sure why that information would be any of your business.

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Anonymous: i wish youd put up pictures of yourself like you used to!!

Nah, my face every now and again is more than enough!

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Feeling far too sentimental today. I know why, of course, stupid period hormones. Just feel so useless. I’m unemployed and no job I’ve gone for has got back to me, I just feel like I’m wasting my life. Then there’s Christmas coming up and I have no money for presents. Trying to sell my photos but have no idea what I’m doing and again have no money. Joys.

On the upside, I might be getting to meet a brand new bubbas tonight if she’s out the hospital which is exciting! And I’m too addicted to lost.

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